Our production

Fresh water from the ore mountains

In Einsiedel we have 7 wells coming from the Ore Mountains providing the first water. This water contains the greatest purity and perfection because of the complexity oft he Stone Mountains that has been stored within the Ore Mountains and untouched by human hands. This deep water combined with the best raw materials and long lasting knowledge contribute to German.

The Ore Mountains take their time. Over many millennia, the ore mountain water accumulates with the naturally present minerals and trace elements. The emergence of this elixir of life sets a counterpoint to our fast-paced times.

Production processes

THE BREWHOUSE: 4 fully automatic brewing units with whirlpool located in the basement – Output up to 350 hl

THE SPENT GRAIN STORAGE SILO: Spent grain storage silo, fully automatic: In 2019, part of the improvement of the infrastructure within the Brewery, was the increase of the capacity of our spent grain storage silo by 50T and have it relocated

THE FERMENTATION: 13 Cylindrically-conical fermentation tanks with a capacity of 1200 hl each. Erweiterung der Anlage um vier Gärtanks mit je 840 hl in 2020.

CLASSIC MATURATION TANKS aka LAGER TANKS: 44 horizontal Lager Tanks with a capacity of 287 hl each

THE CENTRIFUGE: New acquisition in 2018 for contract brewing activities – pre-clarification before lagering.

THE FILTRATION: Precoat filter and sterile filter

THE CRATE WASHER: March 2019 – Immersion bath for crates with high pressure cleaning

THE EMPTY BOTTLE INSPECTOR: The latest high end product from the company Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH enriches since February our bottle house. Any drop, label or glass chip will be thoroughly lighted and removed. The control device flashes through the bottom of each bottle and can detect the slightest glass chip.

THE FILLING: long tube filler with 96 filling valves – 25,000 Bottles an hour

THE LABELING: Since 2018 we’ve been able to improve the integrated optical system by invensting into a labeler from the company Renner GmbH. As such we remain up to date and we keep insisting on the highest standards. Run capacity is limited to 33,000 bottles an hour. It uses a servo drive that quietens down the machinery. The streamlined application of the labels and the efficient use of label glue enhance the quality of this progress.

THE LOADING AND UNLOADING: Because of the strenuous way our crates have to travel on the conveyor up to the bottle house, the company Beyer Maschinenbau GmbH had to live up to their engineering skills. We’ve upgraded our palletizer completely and added 2 new fully automatic palletizing robots and 2 spiral conveyors for loading and unloading full and empty crates.

THE KEG FILLING STATION – Keg filling station 2018: New location on the premises of the brewery, complete restoration of the location and new acquisition of a keg filling station with a capacity of 80 kegs an hour. The insides as well as the outsides of the Kegs are being sanitized, steamed and filled automatically. Revision 2020: Optimization of the Keg filling station.

THE PACKAGING: Enhancement in 2019 in order to process PO’s coming from Export faster and set a new benchmark in terms of quality.

THE COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM: Compressed air system since 2018: 2 frequency controlled screw compressors

THE PRODUCTION OF ALCOHOL FREE BEVERAGES: Seltzers and other Non-Alcoholic drinks – Beverages